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Cigar of the Week: Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House

Cigar of the Week: Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House

Happy Tuesday, folks! 

I wanted to go with something smaller again this week for a lack of time and figured there’s not much better than the instant classic called the Marble House. This was one of our first Small Batch exclusives, and it continues to impress with its timeless profile that kicks your ass in all the right ways. 

Right off the bat I get leather, chocolate graham crackers, wood, heavy pepper, and a dose of wasabi-like heat thru the nose. A sweetness also develops pretty quick, something akin to bell peppers. Bold and delightful.


Caldwell Eastern Standard Marble House Review


Burning down another inch, salted caramel and wood notes vie for second place while toasted graham cracker and leather lead the charge. Bullying pepper notes are still present with every puff, creating that push and pull that I love with sweet and spicy combinations. 

The retro hale is an absolute sinus cleanser! This little devil packs a mean punch despite being in the Eastern Standard portfolio, and I’ll just go ahead and warn ya: it’s out for blood. 

That being said, it’s absolutely worth it every few minutes.  That intense wave of heat yields to the Marble House’s sweeter second nature.  We’re talking about very palpable chocolate graham crackers with a mocha finish. 

If you enjoy cigars that slap you around a bit at first, I’d say the Marble House is right up your alley. It’s rich, aggressive, and immensely satisfying. There’s a reason we love these for working around the shop. 

Marble House also fits into that unique category of cigars that pairs well with just about everything. I’ve paired espresso, higher proof bourbon, scotch, rum, and soft drinks with this cigar and every single pairing made me feel like a genius. Does life get much better?

If you’ve also smoked the Marble House, I’d love to know your thoughts! Please drop us a comment below.


Caldwell Marble House Review


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