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Cigar Lifestyle Club

Small Batch Cigar - Cigar Lifestyle Club! Enjoy different cigars every month for 12 months! Please review all details below.

We are excited to offer a exclusive club to Cigar Lifestyle members! Will be offering 30 spots for the club. Our idea is to only provide unique and exciting cigars for the Cigar Lifestyle Club you won't always get the same amount of cigars you might only get two or you might get eight, we promise will always over deliver and we won't cut corners or toss in anything that we personally won't smoke. From those who have tried our surprise samplers think of it as getting a new surprise sampler every month but with the peace of mind that we won't ship anything twice in a 12 month period. Also will range the packs from 2-8 cigars. Sadly request for sizes or cigars can not be accomidated. Here is more info you might need. 

1: The COTM lasts 12 months. You can cancel anytime we just require you shoot us an email at andrew@smallbatchcigar.com. If you cancel your order, your spot will open up to another person.

2: COTM packs will ship the day after signing up and will be billed on the same day every month. Say you sign up 5/16/17. Your COTM pack will be shipped on 5/17/17 and your next COTM pack will be billed 6/16/17 and shipped on 6/17/17.

3: The quantity of cigars will range but you'll always get well over $50 in cigars and shipping will always be free! We also include a boveda pack with every order.

4: The price of the COTM will not be discounted. Much like the surprise samplers, we offer we set a price and over deliver on that price. The pack is designed to be based off of a $50 purchase price so lowering it would only complicate/reduce the value of what we would like to provide.

5: We are only offering 100 spots for the first round of the COTM. We are doing this as the packs we will design may be using LE items and to be able to properly fulfill each members order will have to restrict the quantity of packs available. Please note that sizes on LE or rare product might be different per member. Say we have two boxes of Opus X but they are different sizes. Will ensure the value is still higher than the COTM packs value but be mindful in those cases COTM members may get different vitolas.

6: If your shipping addresses changes during the year please let us know via email, andrew@smallbatchcigar. Every month will ship to the address created with the original COTM order.